The current setup is not working

There's pleny of art available but no reliable alternative channels and methods to get it.

Buying has been the only option

Other payment methods or arrangements do not exist or aren’t reliable.

Your choices are being limited

Money & quantity decide the art you can afford or how much you can get.

Your decor gets outdated quickly

Trends come & go fast! Your big investment is now, so last season.”

Support doesn't go far enough

3rd party dealers, often don't benefit artists or the art community.

 Nossart's key features  

1. Find art near you with the Map Gallery!

Immediately know if the art you see in the streets is available for hosting or for sale & view what other works this artist might be featuring.

2. Connect directly w/artist & their work.

The artist upload all their content. Explore collections & bring their works home under their terms & our secure network.

3. Manage art you are hosting now & in the future.

Your membership allows you to schedule when & for how long you wish to host art. Plan for special occasions & modify your preferences.

4. Stay in the loop w/ events & promos!

Learn about exclusive deals from the artist community & curated events that pique your interest based on your preference & settings.

Giving you control & empowering artists

We enhance the social & business relationship between you & the artists community.

Hosting vs. Buying

Host art you love on a monthly basis or purchase it directly from the artist (payment terms vary)

Total Control

Your decisions don't have to be influenced by high prices or limited quantities. 

Pickup or Delivery

Whether you want to arrange it or have one of our partners take care of it. We have you covered!

Impress your guest

With various options and hosting plans, you will always have the coolest and latest art for the perfect occasions.

Directly support artists

Go beyond making your place look cool and be an advocate for important issues your favorite artists are passionate about. 

Beta testing coming soon!